Thursday, April 28, 2005

all the gas lamps at the trillium

She wore a red leather coat and wanted
to know about his sore eye. He gave me
his cell phone number for later but I
could not go. All the lamps at the
trillium awards were lit, and they looked
like they were lit with gas. The
minister stood on a case at the podium
It was a case sound equipment gear gets
stored in. I couldnt phone him on his
cell because I had to read at a pub
on the Danforth. There was a line-up.
Hundreds. We pushed through, but they
were waiting next door, for The Arcade
Fire. I'd tried to buy a pair of jeans
for this weekend. I have one pair of cool
jeans. And I've worn them out. The couch
tore a hole in the knee. And I thought,
I'll go back to the same store and get
the exact same jeans. You know how hard
that is for me to do. To enter a mall.
But I did. And found the jeans. And
bought them. But they werent the jeans,
she said. They look boxy on you, square.
You look dorky. She was right, I put them up
against the worn out ones and they are
different. So I'm not wearing the jeans.
I'm in Halifax now. Where it's windy and
my hat blew off. I forgot my toothbrush
bag, so purchased nine small bottles
of things in a drug store. I bought the
ones I thought she might like.


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