Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shopping Confidently in the Women's Section of H&M

She was young and wearing a pale blue
skull cap with white piping. She
was carrying a coffee coloured
dress in her arm.
Excuse me, I said. Can I ask you why you like that?
(I sounded like my mother.)
I'm going to Italy this summer, she said, and
I thought it would be cool and breezy.
Where did you find it.
It's over there by that mannequin.
The mannequin was wearing one. With a
turqoise tank top.
Would you wear it with that tank top?
I'd probably just wear it with a cardigan.
I noticed, as she turned, that the
skull cap had two holes in the top
and out was thrusting two bunches of
blonde hair. The holes too had white
piping and I realized she was wearing
children's underwear on her head.
I thought about asking her where she
got those too, as my niece wants to
keep up with toronto styles, but I couldnt
get over how to ask her about children's
underwear, and if in fact they were
underwear, or a brand that mimicked
underwear. I dont want my niece to
think something awful about her uncle.
I found the cardigans and there was
a pale blue one the colour of the
underwear cap. In the line-up the woman
wearing underwear on her head asked
me, Where did you find that cardigan?


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