Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Drinking someone else's Guinness

Okay I have a tenacious question here, a
question that doggedly hangs off my left
ankle as I'm bicycling through this blog.
Here are some of the drinks I have drunk
that were not technically mine, they include
a guzzle of my brother's home brew from the
spigot of the barrel in which it was
hopping, a bottle of my father's
Labatts 50 from the lake where it was
cooling, the silk tassel gin that got
me bombed in the bunkbed and I never did
make the school dance (I woke up to
a fuzzy TV), and they are just the first
three in a long list of borrowed drinks.
However, when one is at the Gladstone,
one must think of one word: hangover.
And so, my friend, I never order pints
at the Gladstone for I am suspicious of
the hoses that ferry that beer to the
glass, I fear a build-up of bacteria
in those hoses and I keep to the bottled
beer and even if a fresh pint of Guinness
happened to bump into me on the way
to the karaoke mike, I doubt I'd sup
from it. You have to look elsewhere
for the evaporation of your brew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fearing the hoses but loving the suds a second tenacious question forms a head - where can one safely order a Guinness pint (or half pint)?

6:35 p.m.  

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