Friday, April 08, 2005

For today I am a boy

They were putting in fresh sidewalks along College.
I had been by the night before, when to get aboard
the Friendly Thai you took a board walk over wet
soil. The impressions in cement, slash lines near
the crosswalk so the cement won't be slippery. I
found a collection of Anatole Broyard's musings
for a dollar in the dollar bin at Balfours. I
listened to Antony and the Johnsons in Soundscapes
and fell in love with a transexual. I took out
Barney's Version from the library to see how
its beginning is like The Body Artist. So far
it's excellent but not at all like DeLillo.
I visited the old address to pick up mail and
registered mail at the 7-11. Revenue Canada.
I had to sign my name to an electronic pad with
a red pen that had its top taped on. I wrote
with the top on. An invisible signature. Of
course I used my left hand. Fuck em. I ordered
a shawarma from the man next to the fish store,
the man from Turkey who I think is Kurdish.
He has one bad eye and I told him once I'd been
to Sanliurfa. I walked using the back alleys
and found seven tons of garbage parked beside
a torn up NO DUMPING sign. There was a cat
reading the sign too. We both had a laugh at
that. Also took out some Beethoven piano
concertos. I was looking for Rachmaninoff.
I am looking for music that will break your
heart. Checked my Cold Fx stock and I'm down
five cents. That's fifty dollars. Every penny
is a ten dollar bill. But Antony and the
Johnsons are informing me to be less straight.
I was in Rapp Optical and begged for help.
I have a shortlist of frames. Four. One is
Japanese, the others are French, German
and English. The german ones look like
swimming goggles. Clear plastic. The English
remind me of Michael Enright, or a Bulgarian
chessmaster. And the other two are obvious.
At one point John, the man who is saving me
from looking like my father, suggested I
take the little heart-shaped mirror outside
to check the sheen of my temples. The French
frame was too juicy and bright. The Japanese
too blue, the blue of kayaks. And so I walked
home and am in love with a transexual. I'll
be with him all weekend. He's the thing for
doing the dishes.


Anonymous Maximillian said...

Blog and trog, from the cyberspace of the "greatest journal', bah. Greatest Journal indeed, mine lacks in the area of pure delights in which I absorb from your books and blogs. I am mediocoremax at best. Cold Fx funny this year I have also been downing my two a day, three when the cold hits, and I am dissaray. Remeber Fx gets me through my tests, the placebo effect. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the shade, enjoy kensington's chaos just beware of the purple monkey of the tranny.

1:17 p.m.  
Anonymous teri said...

i love antony and the johnsons. that voice! it makes your heart feel funny. also, had i been born a boy, my middle name would've been antony.

4:15 p.m.  

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