Thursday, April 14, 2005

Trillium Trumps Winterset

I'll have a Long Island, he said.
Me: What's that.
It's a mix, he said. Tequila, rum,
gin, vodka. Splash of coke. If you
dont have much money, order a Long Island.
Can I have a sip.
(I sip.)
It's good.
It's supposed to be just two shots of
alcohol, but find me the bartender who
can limit it to that, what with all that
goes into it.
He was wearing sunglasses and he took
a second pair out of his jacket.
Will you wear these for me? I've got
a fat eye and I dont want anyone looking
at it.
I don the sunglasses.
They suit you. So we're nominated for a Trillium. You
like that?
It's good. Especially after the Winterset.
The what?
A Newfoundland prize. I wasnt eligible.
I wasnt born in Newfoundland.
Sure you were.
I was three when we moved there.
And I only spent a hundred and nine days
there last year.
And 34 years out of the past 40.
I see.
And wrote a book that was all about Nfld.
Youre not about to get all bitter on me.
Well it's generous of Ontario. dont you think, to
consider me an Ontario writer?
Youre not bitter.
I feel all warm and cosy and loved.
My god youre a hard case.
And it's twenty thousand.
If you win, which youre not.
No I guess Alice Munro will win.
Or Jane Jacobs, who can resist
Jane Jacobs?
True there's Jane Jacobs I'd forgotten
about Jane Jacobs.
But we'll go for the drinks.
We'll order Long Islands all night long.
Let's order Long Islands for Alice
Munro and Jane Jacobs.
It'll be worth it for that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of us are still waiting for the song that mentions both Ceylon and Newfoundland...

1:22 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bro - i bought a bulb today and realize it is a trillium. Winter of Newfoundland gets Trillium. Bodes well wha?

7:11 p.m.  

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