Saturday, May 13, 2006

sport and a pastime

we're playing half-court, three
to a team. our team is called
three in the key. and I wrestle
him softly to the floor. forty
minutes and I'm exhausted. do
you want to play full court
now? just to get some cardio?
I limp off and eat and enter
the bar for a drink. the oilers
are down 3 to 1. and they score.
a man with an edmonton jersey
says, drink is on me. then they
tie the game. a pitcher this time.
then another goal and in total
five unanswered goals. that's a
good word, unanswered. and I take
a small bow and the table of
strangers says I must return
for sunday's game. will I arrive in
the middle of the second period?
if you could get here a little
earlier, he says. for they are
playing in san jose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


(if I may be so bold to call you Michael)

First time here. But I've a cause.
Searching for ...

Oh but first, I must say -
I am responding in reaction to.

Here you have reminded me a little of Al Pittman.
A good thing. I think.

Just learned from up here.
That back there.
You might have been someone I did not know on O'connell drive.

Not sure however. As I was told, "those" Winters -
were longer, though

Glad to be reading you in summer!

I am to go there this summer, but mean to make my way on a road trip to St. John's.

I've no real understanding of St. John's to be honest. My last memory was having spent a long weekend out there in '90 after high school. And what a perfectly clear memory of that time as well!
Oi Vey says Oh Dear ...

But not to repeat.

I wish to know where I might go once I am in St. John's - that is
Should you be so kind to share,
and or, dispel

(boldly assuming you know of course)

In gratitude,


by the way. congrats on your being selected to sit as juror. I enjoy both the work of yours, and Lisa's.

10:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Michael,

A few of these blogs were written while you were in Banff, and it reminded me that I had made acquaintences late this summer with a poet named Johnny Barter from Halifax, who had been in Banff with you during your time there. He told me a few of the jokes that you had told at dinner one time while sitting beside him. Johnny liked them, anyway.

Hey, I visited St.John's last summer for the Sound Symposium and while I was wandering around like a stranger I ran into someone that knew of you. I forget her name, but she had a soft musical voice and was very lovely. Anyway, when I asked if you were in town, she said that when you're in town you're really in town and she told me about the last time she had seen you. You were wearing a bright orange overalls, walking to the store. She may have said that your hair was really big and messy too.

I'm in Bordeaux all year teaching english.

I hope that your autmn is velvety,

Adam Panko

6:31 a.m.  
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