Saturday, May 13, 2006

sport and a pastime

we're playing half-court, three
to a team. our team is called
three in the key. and I wrestle
him softly to the floor. forty
minutes and I'm exhausted. do
you want to play full court
now? just to get some cardio?
I limp off and eat and enter
the bar for a drink. the oilers
are down 3 to 1. and they score.
a man with an edmonton jersey
says, drink is on me. then they
tie the game. a pitcher this time.
then another goal and in total
five unanswered goals. that's a
good word, unanswered. and I take
a small bow and the table of
strangers says I must return
for sunday's game. will I arrive in
the middle of the second period?
if you could get here a little
earlier, he says. for they are
playing in san jose.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In Banff for Game 7

Deer in the snow. Horses with
their foals behind them. At breakfast
a woman in a green ski jacket. And later
she's in the programme: cabaret sequins
and a band full of tuxedos. If you
are an artist and left a tube of toothpaste
at Community Services, I now have it.
The owner of the borrowed guitar, I thank
you. I'm listening to Keith Jarrett
at La Scala. If I stick my head around
the balcony, a ship of fog is snagged
on the top of Rundel Mountain. The
librarians prefer to work on the lower
level, not the basement.