Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dresden Dolls at the Mod Club

Dried flowers under the keyboards with
Kurt Weill in white letters where you
usually see Yamaha. First there's the
opening act Faun, erect as a bowsprit.
Classical guitar. Girls who dressed up
in tickle trunks. A red light that burns
all black to red. A handheld light source
read our tickets. We've snuck in my
underage niece. Girlfriend dressed her
in a leather coat and applied a slight
dark ring under her eye. At the door
the bouncer told us to wait, as the
line-up had backed up inside. So girlfriend
started talking. And we're in with a
16 year old. A stripper with red tassles
on her butt cheeks, two circus performers
rotating on a steel ring. Possessed dirges.
Devotchka is the second act. The lead in
tuxedo and some dark casual shirt, almost
garage, biker boots, tux tucked in. Again,
a classical guitar with pick-up. An accordion
player who makes a violin turn into a
whole string section. There's a theramin.
The drummer tries his hand at the trumpet.
The band has east European tints to their
sound, but theyre all from Denver.
Then it's the Dresden dolls. A woman
sitting at keyboards and the man at
a drum kit. The songs are pulses of contrast,
loud sounds mixed with pauses. The audience
is mixed, young and dark, but some in
their forties with long hair. There is
a good demonic force here, something not
at all menacing. A flower is thrown out
and my niece catches it. We have to get
out more often.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dresden dolls? You don't seem like the dresden doll type. Do you own leather pants?

1:30 p.m.  
Anonymous Ben said...

I saw Devotchka at a burlesque show while I was in Philadelphia a few years back. They played before and in between the performers acts. They were good enough that I paid more attention to them than the lady who was sloshing about in a huge martini glass long before Beyonce.
I had broken the bank on a meal of sushi earlier in the evening and so could not get their CD.

It is nice to know they are still kicking around, maybe even moving up in the (old) world.

This is that kid from the video store in Corner Brook, by the way. A friend pointed me to your blog. Just wanted to say thank you again for the kind words. Cheers.

4:30 p.m.  
Blogger Michael Winter said...

Hey Ben nice to hear from
you. I was with my mother
in Corner Brook and remembering
the password she uses to rent
videos, which was the secret
password for anything when
we were young, bloodthirsty
bangers. Yeesh. Nice blog you
got going there.

11:39 a.m.  

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