Saturday, October 01, 2005

A long black message and Sailor White

I woke up and in the sky some
message trailing behind a plane.
Can I read it. Long black message.
But it's a power line smudged
by condensation on the window.
It seems when I'm on the road
there are obituaries of Newfoundland
people. Today was Sailor White.
Last year it was Mike Wade. Shocking
when I see them in there, their
lives well described by Joan Sullivan.
And what does Joan think, being
often the person to tell us in
the Globe who has died from Nfld?
I once looked up a friend, Sherry
White, in the phone book. And
right above White, Sherry was
White, Sailor.
What is this napkin spoken
of in one of the blog comments?


Blogger Jennifer Stewart said...

A closing party without enough alcohol forces writers to resort to their own devices for amusement. Like children with a cardboard box, the yellow plaid napkin became a focal point. It was tucked inside bread. It was wrapping paper. It was a note. It was a handkerchief. It was tied around necks. It stood out for the cameras. It was swung like a matador's cape. It was discarded and forgotten at the end of the night. But the statement one writer wrote remains, a question.

This is not a napkin.

5:17 p.m.  
Blogger Peggy said...

Don't underestimate napkins. The concept for the R.O.M. addition was sketched on a napkin by architect Daniel Libeskind.

10:49 a.m.  
Blogger tristan tzara said...

the napkin is yellow mike winter
has plaid lines crossing it
even once you drew it in a picture
even once it was not discarded

there were several napkins
cut from the same bolt
held differently in jest
even ever if it appears again

so damn

12:53 a.m.  

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