Friday, September 30, 2005

On the Beach at Oak Bay

Am in Victoria. Found a trail down to the sea.
Hazelnuts falling hard on the wet lawns.
Saw a rabbit. Small ears. Read an essay by
Ben Marcus in Harpers. He mentions the Silver
Jews and John Hawkes, and I thought it must
be the first time those two have ever appeared
in print together. I had been
listening to the Silver Jews just before
leaving Toronto, and a friend, at four
in the morning on Tuesday, wrote in my
notebook this quote from John Hawkes:
Old fireworks: some expend themselves without
energy and some fire high into the night,
the breath of a long-haired animal on its
My friend was very drunk, and he was losing
badly on a pool table on Queen Street. We
were with another man who had climbed a
fence carrying a bottle of wine, with a woman,
into a swimming pool, skinny dipping, and
they didnt have sex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If my boyfriend made me scale a fence for a simple swim I'm not sure I'd be into it either. Those prongs at the top can be nasty.

3:18 p.m.  

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