Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Camping in Bandelier

We hike into the deep valley of cedar
bushes and cottontail rabbits. There's
a Mexican spotted owl. Now the tall
Ponderosa pine. At night we hear the
high artificial screech of a posse
of coyotes. The fire dying low. We've
grilled tilapia and corn still in their
husks and tuna with corn tortillas
and green salsa and roasted chili
peppers. We eat with a flashlight
propped on a roll of paper towels
pointed down at the food. We found
two pots and a frying pan outside
a closed thrift shop and we're using
those. Stars, bright Mars. We heard
an explosion and today drove past
Los Alamos National Laboratory. We
pass roadsigns names Bikini Atoll
and Oppenheimer. We're on our way
to Jemez Springs.


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