Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Your thought on the new cover

The Big Why is now out in paperback
with a brand new spanking cover.
Reader, what do you think.
Just to include everyone,
I will ask, "Reader, what
do you think?" Hey my fingers
remembered where the inverted
comma key was. So the cover
is right there to the right
of all these postings. I realize
now it's slightly green. Someone
told me, perhaps they are insane,
that green covers dont sell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the cover looks great, the cover painting makes the book look very appealing. If I ever get to read a book for pleasure again, this will be it.

8:54 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Kathleen on the cover, pondering? The sky looks like a question mark. Her shape and the rocks rounded. Solid. Green's my favourite colour so I could never say anything against it. Does a paperback mean we'll be seeing the book in airport bookstands? Cheers and hope your blueberry supply is holding.

9:02 a.m.  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Nothing against it, but it is not as distinctive as the hardcover version.

2:25 p.m.  

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