Saturday, August 06, 2005

Since Madrid a cage

Since Madrid. It was put up
while we were in Madrid.
A boxy cage on the outside
of a window. Second floor. The
cage extends up and then over
the brick about nine feet. A ferret,
a cat, a bird? What could use
a cage like that? We are waiting
for an animal to arrive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Cause For The Righteous Progressives Of Toronto

CBC News: Nfld. fishermen welcome charges:.

One fisherman who wasn't charged said he wished he had been.

"This is what we were aiming for," said Port aux Basque fisherman Stuart Pearce.

"Myself, personally, I was hoping to be charged, and I hope I am, so we can get in the court and fight this on a step-by-step basis," he said.

"If we inundate the courts with these charges, I'm hoping sooner or later that somebody's going to strike down that fact, that we're not born poachers," said Pearce.

The fate of the disenfranchised onshore fishermen of Newfoundland may be a little too domestic for the professional dissenters in the big city.

On a possibly optimistic note however, Heather Mallick, a prime source of urban self-righteousness did confess, in passing , to living in Port Aux Basques when she was testifying to her gushing worship of Pierre Trudeau, one of the arrogant architects of the foreign policy of contempt, indifference and scorn that destroyed the fishery.

For the Liberal sycophants and apologists who like to blame our own fishermen for the waste, I say that your morbid hero-worship is symptomatic of the deflection of responsibility typical of your party and the conceited class of ambitious office seekers who keep it in power.


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