Wednesday, June 22, 2005

On our way to Montreal

Power lines on towers that look like columns
of newsprint. Passing transport trucks box
us in tight. How invigorating,
like we're involved in a greater economy,
a larger scale. We pass a barn that
is a rusted red. And beside it a billboard
as big as the barn, in bright red and yellow.
We pull in to a service station and stare
at the fast food. There's a poster tacked
below the regular features: a special on
gravy, three sizes of gravy. Places like
Whitby and Kingston are the same size as
St. John's. There's new pavement now, and
crisp white striping, like stitches on a
charcoal suit. Orange contruction signs
powered by solar panels. We hit Quebec and
a line of fluorescent cones with heavy rubber
tire bases, a sign that reads TRAVAUX.
There's a man dressed head to foot in
new leather, and boots of bright yellow.
Biker gear, ribbed leather that balloons
at his lower back, he looks like he's wearing
a borrowed scuba suit that doesnt fit him.
Roadsign to St Zotique and St Polycarpe.
Now there are two saints I'd like to meet
and share a chausson aux pomme at Premiere


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