Thursday, June 02, 2005

Watching Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs

At the cinema they dont have posters
for movies, just a plasma screen that
scrolls through trailers. So you have
to wait for the film you are curious
about to come up. I've got two minutes
to decide between four films and
I dont have time to wait for the latest
Batman to end. So I go in for Michael
Winterbottom. Because of his name.
Imagine seeing a film by someone
with your name, and then tag on the
word "bottom". What do we want in a
story. Is it enough that I'm left with
the image of a handjob, of cum on
a man's belly? A shiny condom
from below? That it's not a blue
movie. That the walls are a nice
shade of coffee. That they go see
a table dance and he has enough
but she stays to experience the full
thing. That he looks tired as she
continues with a vibrator. I guess
I wanted more tension. I wanted
more of the trouble that is
in us all. But it's worth noticing
all the moles on a woman's body.


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