Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The start of a week in Newfoundland in a Tent

I wake up in my thin tent and walk
out to the unmanned lighthouse
of Gallows Cove, near Brigus. A
trapskiff named "Ashley's Pride". A lone
humpback seems to surface for five
breaths then descend for 48 minutes.
In Spaniard's Bay grocery store -- refrigerated
no-name "lunch boxes" containing sliced
bologna, sliced cheese, crackers, and
four chocolate fingers, $1.99.
Gas is 102.8, still sold in cents.
Hundreds of cents. It's the only product
that sells for tenths of a cent. One
place can only post 04.8, implying
the 100. The blueberries are pickable,
but you have to sort through a bunch
of white ones. It's amazing how small
you can make your car by putting it
in park and walking away from it.
A sparrow enters the corridor of
lower branches.


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