Friday, October 15, 2004

My Tanks Roll into Calgary

It's cold here, and I've been walking around
Calgary for three hours, until it struck
me that everyone is inside, walking in shirtsleeves
behind that thin skin of blue glass and metal. The only
internet site is the public library, where I
took the free C-train (a woman in a copy center
assured me it was too far to walk -- it was
a ten minute walk). I had to kick off
a woman who hadnt signed up to use this
terminal. Well, a librarian did. They are
a feisty bunch here in Calgary. A woman says, I remind
other women of their boyfriends. Another says,
Jack Layton has small hands -- it's a known
fact that fascists have small hands. A librarian
says to a customer, You look so different I
didnt recognize you, honest to God.
I'm staying at the Palliser, and wish
that Fairmont didnt think it had to put
its name on the front of every Canadian
Pacific hotel it snapped up. It even
did it to the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.


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