Thursday, September 16, 2004

My first television interview

Should I ask that question again?
He's sweating, isnt he.
I'm a little hot, I say.
Try these.
The make-up woman hands me two
squares of blue film.
It's blotting paper, she says.
I press one to my nose.
These really work?
Take your jacket off.
Can he do up that button? To hide
the microphone.
Perhaps these will work better. Youre
really sweating, arent you.
The host unfolds a pad of powdered
You could work wonders, I say, in
someone's corner.
It's the contrast, she says. From
the outdoors.
I should have arrived earlier.
And drinking coffee doesnt help.
I look her straight in the eye. It's
going to be all right.
So, she says, I'll ask you again.
What were we talking about?
Your book.


Anonymous Damien said...

Hi. Great page you have here. Has anyone seen this site yet? - fly rods. I was amazed by the pics in the pdf they're giving away, so I'm looking for someone who knows if this guy is on the level, before I make any judgements.

6:04 a.m.  

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