Friday, July 16, 2004

What We´ve Eaten

The waitress clinks by, she´s holding eleven wine glasses in one hand, upside
down, the other hand she has seven more. The room is white and black, a
tablecloth, a white tablecloth. We´re sitting down, we´re inside and there´s
a bowl of gazpacho, with croutons and crunchy bits of green pepper and cucumber.
Open the wine, bring on the veal and the meatballs on big white plates and
cutlery from France. Did you know, she says, this is the first time we´ve sat
down, in a week, indoors, and had a meal?
It´s true, isnt it. We´ve eaten what, sandwiches and tapas and spanish tortilla
and more sandwiches and shrimp and mainly nothing that you´d need a napkin
for, or a fork. Olives and well there was that bull´s tail.
You had the bull´s tail.
I gave you a forkful.
You disappeared with other people and sat down and had a bull´s tail.
Okay I´m sorry but look isnt this exciting. And the prices are fabulous.
We´ve managed to spirit away and open the Rough Guide and find
a spot that´s Catalan and cheap and good. Let us sit back and enjoy this,
our first meal in a week.


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